PvZ Adventures June 20th Update

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    Beetboxer Now available.


    This prizefighter holds the world record for zombie knockouts. Floats like butter lettuce, stings like a beet!

    New premium decorations and buildings.

    Your town isn't unique enough already? try out some of these new buildings and decorations on for size.

    Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 2.06.52 PM.png

    VIP Plant Recipes. For a one time gem fee, you can now unlock recipes that allow you to grow VIP plants for coins!

    Number of messages capped in Message center. The message center is now capped at 30 messages. You will need to collect all of your messages before you can receive more.

    Bug fixes.

    Fixed various bugs, including getting stuck in the tutorial bugs.

    Fixed a bug that caused Lawnmowers to fail to kill zombies that were tightly packed.
  2. New design of Planter Box menu (again!)
    New Message Center always full.
    New premium (pay real existing money in unreal market) buildings.
  3. still no content... bleh :p
  4. Beetboxer :cool:
  5. What about the lawnmowers failing to kill single zombies?
  6. How? I had a quick look around and couldn't find it, I haven't played the game for quite a while because it's just been boring and this could make me get back into it.

    And I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU MADE IT SO IT ONLY STORES 30 MESSAGES. You're a damn joke! I have just under 1,000 messages, having more messages doesn't make the damn game run slow. Now when I want to quickly top up my peashooters, aspearagus, sunflowers and wallnuts I WONT BE ABLE TO. Who made that stupid decision? FIRE THEM. Maybe you should make it so you can only carry half the amount of coins, that'll speed the game up, right?!
  7. Demian, I think you need to clarify that you can now spend gems to unlock "plant recipes" (seeds) that allows you to grow the VIP plants with coins.
  8. You want me to pay $50.00 dollars to get 2000 gems to unlock beet boxer. YOU'VE LOST YOUR MINDS. For that much, I can go buy 3 CD ROMs from best buy. Better yet, a real console game. I like the game, but I'm not so addicted to it, that I will spend $50 or $100 dollars. FOR ANYTHING.
  9. I thought that was the case, so I guess I'll just go back to not playing the game and watching how they screw it up further with each update.

    That's the lovely way F2P games are, I bet you're just as excited for PvZ2 as I am, yeah?! :D

    PopCap, EA ** you up real good.
  10. Actually, when I consider it. You can buy exactly 100 Beeshooters for 2000 gems. You can buy 66 Power Flowers and a Beeshoter or whatever you wish with the 20 leftover gems. You can buy 22 Hard-nuts and be left with the 20 leftover gems for whatever. I could go on for the rest of the VIPs. The main point is that you might as well buy many samples of the VIP rather than unlocking it.
  11. Demian Community Manager

    Good point, I'll make it more clear.
  12. I think it's going under changes. It may be outrageous now, but soon, it will be more realistic.
  13. I'm kinda of irritated at this update. If there had been any hint of being able to use gems to perm unlock the VIP plants I wouldn't have spent those first free ones the way I did. I really don't want to have to start a new account just to be on the same level field as those who join after this update since the free gems would allow at least one VIP plant unlocked.
  14. That's the point. It's SUPPOSED to be a free game. But this is not the first time E A has screwed us. Oh yeah, NASCARSim Racing. 1 update 2 days later they shut both the forums and servers down. For good which left 38,000 PC sim racers with an empty game. So Demian, why cant you cut growth time in half. Like we asked. Use coin options to purchase VIP purchase and the rest of the stuff. How about your little taco truck spit out vip plants or gems. That's a brilliant idea right there.
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  15. I was complaining about unlocking versus buying. :p
    I just happened to be quoted in a post that complains about freemium.
  16. Beet Boxer costs me 2500 gems to unlock!
  17. So now for $50 I can buy enough gems to be able to plant beet boxers? What a BARGAIN! For $20 I can buy enough gems to plant bee shooters? Gee, what a STEAL! And for $30 I can buy enough gems to plant power flowers. Are you guys NUTS? I have better [real] things to spend my money on. Every single time there is an additional bit of pressure/encouragement/whatever-you-want-to-call-it to BUY something, I am tempted to quit. Right now, I'm sticking with it hoping you come to your senses before you release the final, non-"Beta" version. I loved the original PvZ game and hope when PvZ 2 becomes available, it will be the same sort of deal - with no added costs after the game has been purchased. Otherwise, you will have lost one more group of fans (my entire family practically).
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  18. I'm with you. It would cost $300 to get all of them. Why on earth would I do that? If Plants vs. Zombies 2 is like this, I won't be playing. I'll dish out $30 or $40 bucks to purchase the game for PC, but that's it. I'm not going to just keep dishing out money. They better rethink their strategy.
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  19. um where are you guys getting 2500 gems for beet boxer?

    Here is what I have in my screen

    Beet Boxer (unlock to plant) 1250 gems then 900 coins to plant 16 hr spawn time
    Beeshooter (unlock to plant) 1000 gems then 100 coins to plant 4 hr spawn time
    Power Flower (unlock to plant) 1500 gems then 200 coins to plant 12 hr spawn time
    Hard Nut (unlock to plant) 1250 gems then 600 to plant 4 hr spawn time

    Really isnt to bad to think about how powerful the VIP plants are you spend 10-20 bucks per each and can make as many as you possibly want for coins instead of gems.
    Really with power flowers and the Beet boxer there shouldnt be any level you cant beat lol.
  20. To unlock them all its actually only $100 (5000 gems total cost of plants + get 800 more bonus) and you would have 800 gems left over for whatever.

    Keep in mind after unlocking them you would never need to spend gems on VIP plants again for these specific ones. I would honestly wait however for some of the more powerful VIP plants to come out.